Fall Camp at Hippo Playground


Time and price
Half Day 09:30 a.m.-01:30 p.m. $60.00
Full Day 09:30 a.m.-03:30 p.m. $70.00
Late pick-up $10/hour

Lunch order available


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The Fun, Educational School Holiday Program Your Child Is Bound to Enjoy!

At Engineering For Kids, our camps are carefully structured to provide your child with the enrichment he or she needs to grow and thrive.

There are many benefits that come with registering your child! Not only will you be providing your child with a fun, educational experience while you focus on your own busy schedule, your child will also receive several opportunities that can prepare him or her for the future ahead.

Just a few of these beneficial opportunities include:

Teamwork: Our program schedule fun and engaging teamwork activities that teach children the value of investing in others.

Resilience and motivation: Our challenging programs help to teach kids how to keep trying. This also helps them feel accomplished when they succeed, which develops their will to learn.

Decision-making: Our uniquely structured activities help children establish and build upon great decision-making skills, which can help build confidence.

Why Parents & Kids Love Our Engineering For Kids School Holiday Program

Our school holiday programs are specially designed to supplement your child’s existing curriculum. It’s our goal to build upon what your child already knows in order to solidify his or her knowledge in a fun and engaging environment.

During their excited school holiday period, our unique programs will also enhance your kid’s writing, reading and Math. Your kids will tell you how we could make learning fun. Many parents find this beneficial because their children can enjoy all of the fun and educational workshops offered in multiple sessions without experiencing repeat activities.

What is on in our Fall Camp?

Program: Junior Camp Kelvin

Pack your bags and lace up your hiking boots engineers, because at Camp Kelvin, we are engineering designs to help us explore the great outdoors. Build a tent, design waterproof clothing, engineer your own survival pack and more! Join us for a week of fun and adventure where everyone goes home a happy camper!

Program: Junior Chemical Crazy Concoctions

The Junior Chemical Engineering classes introduce our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of solids, liquids, and solutions. Students investigate the properties of several crazy concoctions and make their own samples of bubbles, play dough, flub, and more.


Time and price

19/04/2022 to 22/04/2022 

26/04/2022 to 29/04/2022

Tue to Fri at Hippo Playground

Half Day 09:30 a.m.-01:30 p.m. $60.00

Full Day 09:30 a.m.-03:30 p.m. $70.00

Late pick-up $10/hour

Lunch order available

Address: 451 Ti Rakau Drive, Huntington Park, Auckland 2013


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Full day meal, Late pick-up, Half Day, Full Day


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